A Taste of the Past Day 1: Mutton, Lamb (and 13th century WiFi)

An enormous thank you to everyone who has signed up and embarked on this Eat Medieval journey with us to taste the past. The online, virtual cookery school allows us to share our love for medieval culture cuisine and its modern interpretation with fellow foodies and scholars around the globe. We’ve welcomed over 80 participants from America to Australia, and from Finland to Ireland.

And thank you to all who attended our Live at 5 session – and stuck with it, despite the technical issues – for which we are very sorry. We had an internet outage which cut the connection and it took a little while to get everything back online. So, we’re very grateful for your patience and goodwill on this one.

It was great to see all of the comments and questions on the live feed, and very stimulating they were too. And equally the social media posts of the dishes you’ve tried. This is a creative process and we hope that you enjoy the deeper engagement with the 12th century sauces and their intriguing blending of herbs and spices as the week progresses.

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