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  1. Hi Having ensured I saved the recipe for Hippocras so we can have it for Christmas my husband wants to ask about Braggort. He is a keen brewer and has looked at recipes for it. He would like to know more about your experience of it. He’s also currently looking at Norwegian brewing traditions which link more directly with Medieval ones.

  2. hi I can not find any whitebait or small fish for tomorrows there anything else that can be use in stead i had to take my youngest to hospital tonight so as yet I’m haven’t done any cooking but will send photos soon. Is there a copy of last nights live cooking as I can’t find it anywhere I am enjoying as I do the medieval cooking for my group so this is very helpful and looking forward to banquet section.

    1. Hi Mandy – I’m so sorry to hear that and hope that everything it ok. Yes, we have put the live recording, and we re-recorded the beginning so that we could replace the bit we lost, onto the Day 1 page at the same place where the Live at 5 was originally. That will take you to the YouTube video. Or there is a Vimeo version at: https://vimeo.com/475064025/5243bd22d2
      On the fish – I would say that any white fish will do: bream, sea bass, or even haddock.
      Thanks ever so much for your interest in the course!

  3. Could you let me know if the pages, recipes and videos will remain accessible after the course is over or not? I would like to be able to try some recipes later and to remind myself of various things, so I hope so!

  4. Should we all stay on the screen saying ‘An error occurred. Please try again later. (Playback ID: UdsmSJWyWAfMOcvp)’ and wait for something to happen, or try clicking on the livestream link again, or what?

    1. Hi Victoria, Sadly, we’re having what’s diplomatically called a technical nightmare! I’m so sorry – we’re doing our very best to fix it and are really grateful for everyone bearing with us. The feed should reinstate itself once we’ve got it going again. Thanks for sticking with us.

      1. Hi Giles,

        I suspected it might be the medieval stone walls giving you trouble!

        I kept the screen up for another half hour but nothing happened; then my other half remarked that he had been able to find it on Youtube so it obviously had been back up and running but my screen hadn’t refreshed.Will catch up during today.

        Perhaps circulate to everyone a set of instructions what to do if it happens again? I doubt if i was the only one left hanging in front of a blank screen.

        1. Thanks Victoria – if you got to Day 1 the YouTube link has the video there – the outage is still there (we are preparing a full version) but the rest fo the broadcast is there too. It took us quite by surprise!

    1. Hi Sally, We’re experiencing some technical difficulties – I’m really sorry about this! Stay with us and we’ll try to get it sorted as quickly as we can. All best, Eat Medieval

  5. Hi. I’m booked on to next week’s course, but although the code gets me into the preliminaries OK and I can read the Preliminaries and Overview etc, it doesn’t let me in to the ‘Day 1 – 5’ pages. Can you help me? I really, urgently need to know how to fit my other commitments around the course, and when to buy to fresh items such as fish.

      1. Wow. That’s a heck of a lot to absorb in 24 hours! Not clear if we’re supposed to be cooking any of this ourselves on the day on which it’s covered, or only on subsequent days?

        BTW, I don’t see any quantities or proportions given for the conserved ginger recipe?

        1. Hi Victoria,
          Many thanks for your comments and we’ll feed that back to the team. The course is set up to be flexible which is why all of the pages are open – it allows to choose. Thanks for the reminder on the ginger – we’ll get that amended. A useful email for cooking related inquiries is info@blackfriarsrestaurant.co.uk – that gets you straight to Andy and his team.

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