New course arriving soon! Fit for a King

Here at Eat Medieval we are very excited about our upcoming course 28th June – 2nd July (for which there are still places – book here – and book soon!). The course materials stay available for up to four weeks afterwards so you can take your time, experiment, and share your expertise and experience on our social media channels. Blackfriars Restaurant, Newcastle, Durham University’s Institute of Medieval and Early Modern Studies, and Filmmaker Alan Fentiman present this unique collaboration between research into medieval food, the modern restaurant, and online delivery to your door!

Fit for a King will explore one of the most significant English collections – the Forme of Cury. With 200 recipes or so this collection represents a rich and varied tradition in Middle English. Associated with the court of Richard II in one of its 8 surviving manuscripts, the copies we have date from the 15th century – showing the popularity of the collection. The recipes we have chosen to re-create cover different a wide range of culinary challenges, from pies to pancakes, rabbit to fruit tarts, mushrooms, cabbages, poached pears, and peas cooked in the German style.

We’ve contrasted this with recipes from the Catalan Sent Sovi collection, to show and think about the similarities with the northern European cuisine, and the southern, Mediterranean, cooking styles, as well as some of the differences in ingredients. Octopus and squid feature here, alongside milk custards, and vegetable dishes.

All of this is accompanied by medieval music, and by films and podcasts from the academic team – we’ll be looking at medieval gardens, literature, household and land management, how to analyse the recipes, and the history of both England and Catalunya. And, in a real treat, we’ll be looking at very probably the earliest copy of Forme of Cury from the Durham University Special Collections. Touching the past and then re-creating it with the Blackfriars chefs is an amazing experience – which we are keen to share. Sign-up and enjoy! Student discounts are available – just be in touch with eatmedieval[at]

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