Eat Medieval: Fit for a King

28th June – 2nd July 2021

Royal Food from Northern and Southern Medieval Europe

Join Andy Hook (Blackfriars Restaurant) and Professor Giles Gasper (Durham University) for a journey to from England to Catalunya, featuring one of the most celebrated Middle English recipe collections, the Forme of Cury. Associated with the masterchefs of Richard II, we will explore the range and depth of the over 200 recipes it contains. Rabbit, fruit tarts, pies, vegetables, pancakes, and many more dishes besides. And we’ll contrast this northern collection with the Sent Sovi Catalan recipes.

We’ll present examples of medieval music as well, and films and podcasts from the Eat Medieval academic team on medieval literature, land-use and management, the reign of Richard II examples, and lots more. At the centre is the manuscript copy of Forme of Cury which is held here in Durham, the oldest copy and a wonderful document to explore. With filming from Alan Fentiman and recordings of the recipes in their original lanagues, we have a treat for you in store. Medieval Food for the Modern Restaurant – come and enjoy!

Our live Zoom sessions run from 28th June to 2nd July but the course stays open until the beginning of August 24th – so plenty of time still to book on! Once you book you’ll get the passcodes for the course – what’s not to like!

Book Now through Blackfriars Restaurant

£125 per person (discount codes apply)

Once your booking is made we will send you a code to unlock pages on this website for your list of ingredients, some advice on quantities and sourcing, and historical outlines of the recipes. A second code will follow for access to the main course.

Outline Schedule: 28th June-2nd July

Day 1Eat Medieval:
Egraduse – Sweet and Sour Fish
Fennkel in Soppes – Fennel Sauce on Toast
Learn Medieval:
Forme of Cury: Meeting with a Manuscript
The World of Richard II
Live Zoom Q&A
7.30pm-9.00pm UK time (GMT)
Day 2Eat Medieval:
Flaumpeyns – Pork Pies with a Pointy Topping
Pesoun of Almayne – Peas of Germany
Peeres in Confit – Pears in Syrup
Learn Medieval:
Wild and Sown: Medieval Agriculture
Forme of Cury: Making of a Masterpiece
Live Zoom Q&A
7.30pm-9.00pm UK time (GMT)
Day 3Eat Medieval:
Mortrews of Fyssh 
Chebolace and Caboches in Potage – Cabbages in Potage
Tart in Ymbre Day – Tart for an Ember Day
Learn Medieval:
Gardens in Medieval Literature
Rules to Grow By: Agricultural Rules

Hear Medieval:
Guillaume du Fay
Capirola Lute Book
Day 4Eat Medieval:
Connynges in Cyuee – Rabbit in a Spicy Onion or Chive Sauce
Funges – Mushrooms
Learn Medieval:
Forme of Cury: Wider Contexts
Medieval Honey
Live Zoom Q&A
7.30pm-9.00pm UK time (GMT
Day 5Eat Medieval:
A Farcir Polp – To Stuff Octopus
Porrada – Leek Puree
Llet Malcuita – Milk Custard
Learn Medieval:
The Crown of Aragon
Medieval Blackfriars
Live Zoom Q&A
7.30pm-9.00pm UK time (GMT
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