Eat Medieval: A Christmas Feast

6th-10th December 2021

A Christmas Feast

Join the Eat Medieval team for a celebration of Christmas past! We have spectacular pastry castles, a boar’s head, and recipes from medieval France, Germany, and England, delicious puddings with fragrant spices, and all in modern, easy, to follow recipes. Your guides for this seasonal time-travelling are Blackfriars Cookery School Chef Craig Nicholson, with Blackfriars’ owner Andy Hook and Professor Giles Gasper, Durham University, alongside the other team members academic and from the restaurant.

Find out about the different recipes, and the history and culture of these different regions in our Learn Medieval sections. We have music as well as podcasts and films, and of course the cooking. And, on Zoom meetings to meet your fellow participants from around the world and members of the team.

The course outline is below – the course includes access to to pages for advice on ingredients, a shopping list, and information on the collections. And you’ll have access to the course-pages for 5 weeks afterwards.

Book now for something a little different for Christmas this year!

Book Now through Blackfriars Restaurant

£125 per person (discount codes apply)

Once your booking is made we will send you a code to unlock pages on this website for your list of ingredients, some advice on quantities and sourcing, and historical outlines of the recipes. A second code will follow for access to the main course.

Outline Schedule: 6th-10th December 2021

Day 1Eat Medieval:
Goose – Sawse Madame (Forme of Cury)
Ein güt fülle – Sooty Cakes (Gute Speiser)
Ein wissel müs – Sour Cherry Pudding (Gute Speiser)
Learn Medieval:
We Wish You a Medieval Christmas
Christmas Recipes in Comparison
Hear Medieval:
Live Zoom Q&A
7.30pm-8.30pm UK time (GMT)
Day 2Eat Medieval:
Ein güt spise – Greek Chicken (Gute Speiser)
Ein spise von bonen – Beans (Gute Speiser)
Gingerbread (British Library MS Harley 279)
Learn Medieval:
Medieval Germany (podcast)
The Bishop’s Feast of 1289
An Invitation to Medieval Christmas
Medieval Gingerbread (short podcast)

Live Zoom Q&A
7.30pm-8.30pm UK time (GMT)
Day 3Eat Medieval:
Ein gut spise von eime lahs – Salmon (Gute Speiser)
Ein Agraz – (Gute Speiser)
Crème Bastard (British Library MS Harley 279)
Learn Medieval:
The Nativity in Medieval Art
Medieval Christmas in Church

Hear Medieval:
The Boar’s Head Carol
Day 4Eat Medieval:
Partridge in Orange Sauce (Menagier de Paris)
Ein mus mit lauche – Leek Casserole (Gute Speiser)
Ein spise von birn – Pears (Gute Speiser)
Boars Head
Learn Medieval:
Medieval Würzburg (podcast)
Romans and Christians

Day 5Eat Medieval:
Chastelets (Forme of Cury)
Ein condimentlin – A Little Caraway Sauce (Gute Speiser)
Bourbelier de Sanglier (Menagier de Paris)
Learn Medieval:
Gluttony and Austerity
Christmas in Medieval Literature

Hear Medieval:
There is no rose of swych vertu –
There is no rose of such virtue
Live Zoom Q&A
6.00pm-7.30pm UK time (GMT)
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