Eat Medieval: 12th Century Recipes from the Land of the Prince Bishops

4th-8th October 2021

The Earliest Medieval Culinary Collection…and Friends

Professor Giles Gasper talks about the recipe collection from the Land of the Prince Bishops

Join Andy Hook (Blackfriars Restaurant) and Professor Giles Gasper (Durham University) for an exploration of the earliest known collection of gastronomic recipes from the European Middle Ages. These, a collection of sauces, date from about 1170 and were discovered by Professor Faith Wallis (McGill University, Montreal), and analysed by her and Professor Gasper. While we know what people in the earlier period ate, and have medical and occasional food recipes, these seem to the first deliberate collection, which tells us how people prepared and consumed their food. And it is these sauces that we will work on throughout the course – with the expert help of Blackfriars Head Chef, Chris Wardale.

Be warned though! These medieval recipes are very short and often not much more than a list of ingredients. No quantities, no temperatures, and ingredients which are sometimes unfamiliar. Sausages, Fish, Beef, Duck (and much more besides) are tempered with a rich array of herbs and spices. We’ve also added some sweeter dishes from a late thirteenth century collection in Anglo Norman (the French of Medieval England) and a spiced wine from the same. We have a nice balance of recipes for you – and with vegetarian alternatives and drink (alcoholic and non-alcoholic ) pairings.

 We’ll present other examples of 12th century recipes from England and France, from Henry of Huntingdon and Alexander Neckham. And films and podcasts from the Eat Medieval academic team on medieval literature, the history of the Durham monastic community, meat, fish, game, and an analysis of the Sauces. All of this alongside medieval music, and some spiced wines from a slightly later period. With filming from Alan Fentiman and recordings of the recipes in their original lanagues, we have a treat for you in store. Medieval Food for the Modern Restaurant – come and enjoy!

Our live Zoom sessions run from 4th – 8th October but the course stays open until mid-November – so plenty of time still to book on! Once you book you’ll get the passcodes for the course, and we’ll look forward to seeing you on Zoom. We have a lively international community to welcome you.

Book Now through Blackfriars Restaurant

£125 per person (discount codes apply)

Once your booking is made we will send you a code to unlock pages on this website for your list of ingredients, some advice on quantities and sourcing, and historical outlines of the recipes. A second code will follow for access to the main course.

Outline Schedule: 4th-8th October 2021

Day 1Eat Medieval:
Sausages Two Ways (Durham Sauces: 2 recipes)
For Chicken (Durham Sauces)
For Ram (Durham Sauces)
Learn Medieval:
Medieval Durham
Sauces, Savours, and Relish

Hear Medieval:
Live Zoom Q&A
7.30pm-8.30pm UK time (GMT)
Day 2Eat Medieval:
For Tiny Little Fish (Durham Sauces),
Beef Two Ways (Durham Sauces: 2 recipes)
For Duck (Durham Sauces)
Clary (Anglo-Norman Collections)
Learn Medieval:
Aromatics and Botanicals
Gardens in Medieval Culture
Day 3Eat Medieval:
Lamb Chops (Durham Sauces)
Hen in Winter (Durham Sauces)
Spiced Ginger Conserve (Durham Sauces)
Learn Medieval:
Meat, Game, and Fish
Monks and Food

Hear Medieval:
Cantigas de Santa Maria, No.23:
Como Déus fez vinno d’ agua ant’ Arquetecrinno
Live Zoom Q&A
7.30pm-8.30pm UK time (GMT)
Day 4Eat Medieval:
Archdeacon’s Pork (Henry of Huntingdon)
Archdeason’s Mutton (Henry of Huntingdon)
Pynete (Anglo-Norman Collections)
Learn Medieval:
Fantastic Feasts
Medieval Charms and Recipes
Live Zoom Q&A
9.00am-10am UK time (GMT)
Day 5Eat Medieval:
Fish Alexander Neckham
Scholar’s Pork Chop (Alexander Neckham)
Chicken with Cumin (Alexander Neckham)
Emeles (Anglo-Norman Collections)
Learn Medieval:
Medieval Blackfriars
Live Zoom Q&A
6.00pm-7.00pm UK time (GMT)
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