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December 14th – 16th 2020

A Taste of Christmas Past

Bookings can be made via the Blackfriars Website

A new online cookery course for Christmas – with boar’s head, venison, goose, partridge, spiced wine, vegetarian alternatives, and all the trimmings. .

Expert chefs, academic talks, interactive sessions, and, Covid-19 allowing, live shows make this a snip at £65.

Student discounts available.

February 9th 2021

Professor Giles Gasper will be speaking to the Hexham Local History Society on the First Medieval European Culinary Collection.

May 1st 2021

The 17th Blackfriars-Institute of Medieval and Early Modern Studies Medieval Food Talk with lunch. Dr Eric Cambridge will speak on ‘Reconstructing Medieval Blackfriars’: a rare opportunity to study the standing remains of the medieval Dominican friary. The talk will try to reconstruct the appearance of the buildings in the Middle Ages and explore how the Dominicans might have used and adapted them to meet the evolving needs of their community.
This event is fully booked, details here.

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